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Briefly about the game

The main character is a ball that will participate in different missions in different locations on the map.
The main character’s task is to clear the location of enemies with the help of various drones, collect prizes, defeat bosses and visit other epic locations.
Strengthen the ball by improving armor and other parameters.

● Drone
Improve your drone by increasing efficiency and setting various configurations.
Choose the weapons you want to equip your drone with: rifles, machine guns, missiles and even lasers.

● Others
The ability to create accounts to store your resources, experience, achievements, etc. Daily gifts and prize draws.

● Chat
Fun communication between players.

■ Start of project development: February 2021
■ Number of developers currently working on this project: 1
■ Game engine: GDevelop
■ Game version: 1.0.2 beta
■ Last update: 30.12.2021
■ Project status: Temporarily suspended
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version 1.0.2

version 1.0.2

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